If you've never bought or sold a home before, you may be wondering "what do I need to do before the home inspection?" If you are selling your home, this list is what you need to do before we come out for the inspection. If you are buying a home, (other than the last question), please make sure your realtor forwards this list to the sellers before we come out so that we may provide you with the best inspection. That last question is still some great information we'd love to have from you the buyer :)

Preparing for a home inspection:

  • Electrical panel must be accessible (leave at least 36" on each side and in front)
  • Attic access must be accessible (if in a closet- clothing, storage, and any shelving should be removed)
  • Basement/Crawlspace must be accessible (any locks must be taken off or keys left for entry)
  • Water must be turned on at meter, main shut off valve, and all valves in home (we will not turn valves if home has been winterized)
  • Power must be turned on at main panel and all breakers must be on (we will not flip any breakers that are off)
  • If possible, move any furniture or stored items away from electrical outlets so they may be tested. 
  • If you have specific concerns, please make a list for us :)